The members of the “Assess” Ltd. hold themselves bound, individually and collectively, to the following Code of Ethics:

I. To maintain the highest standards of ethical, professional and moral conduct; to be governed by the laws of equity, justice and the professional standards of his/hers profession.

II. To respect the rights and dignity of each individual, regardless of any social and political status, ethnic, racial or religious affiliations/considerations.

III. To discharge professional duties with independence, dignity and self-respect, keeping all decisions based on facts and free of all political, financial, social or other extraneous influences.

IV. To take responsibility for his/hers professional decisions and actions and to be able to defend them in an adequate, reasoned and logical way.

V. To be discreet and to respect the rules of confidentiality of any personal or business information he/she had access to due to his/hers professional status or during the performance of his/hers professional duties.

VI. To take gradual steps towards the enhancement of his/hers professional competence and to strive for continuous improvement of his/hers abilities and skills.