Meeting Report

The 1st Transnational Meeting of EU-PROTECT ( Kick-off meeting), Erasmus+ project was an event that brought together representative participants from all partner institutions involved in this strategic partnership.


 23-24 January 2017


 Assess Ltd office in Sofia, Bulgaria at 47 “Cherni vrah” blvd, office 17


 The main objectives of the Kick-off meeting of the partners from EU-PROTECT project was for all partners to meet, become acquainted to the project and discuss potential issues and significant matters at hand concerning the materialisation of the project. We have used this meeting to achieve the following results:

  • Planning the whole Project and distributing tasks;
  • Signing partnership agreements;
  • Define a specific working plan for the first year of implementation;
  • Discussing how to accomplish the activities and tasks of the project;
  • Discussing, monitoring and evaluation of the activities;
  • Share ideas and expectations towards the project;
  • Confirming the tasks for next period;
  • Clarify administrative and financial management.

 Basis for discussion

 Power Point presentation of the project from Assess – Project Coordinator, Partnership agreements, Budget distribution spreadsheet, Work plan timetable, Templates of reporting documents, Presentation of ZIVAC, Preliminary researches


 Velina Vladimirova, Diana Hristova, Kristin Drinova & Lachezar Afrikanov  ASSESS LTD
 Karin Kronika  BEST
 Igor Vitale & Annibale Basta  CISES
 Claudiu Nerghes & Armando Goldman  ZIVAC
 Maria Dolzheva-Zaharieva & Katina Boneva  VIP SECURITY


 Preparations for the 1st Transnational Meeting of the EU PROTECT, Erasmus+ project took place in December 2016 and 1st half of January 2017: the Coordinator made practical arrangements, such as recommend the hotel, providing information on how to arrive to the meeting point well as prepared the meeting programme. Participants from partners organisation have made the travel arrangements: booking hotel, flights, buying insurance, prepared all the necessary information and bring all documents requested for the meeting.


 The 1st Transnational Meeting of EU-PROTECT, Erasmus+ project took place over two days, with both days taking the form of working sessions. The working sessions included the official opening and closing of the meeting and roundtables focusing on discussing all priorities and agendas, such as development of the project and the best approach to it.

Matters Discussed and Decisions Reached:

The official opening of the 1st Transnational Meeting of EU-PROTECT, Erasmus+ project was held in the training office of Assess LTD: Mrs. Velina Vladimirova-Project manager, welcomed all partners. After that, everyone introduced themselves and formally initiated the materialization of the EU-PROTECT Project. Following that, the main items in the agenda were covered:

1. Presentation of all Partner Organizations.

ASSESS LTD began with a presentation of its profile and the services the company offers and after that all other partners presented their organizations.

2. Project Presentation.

Mrs. Velina Vladimirova presented the project, including aspects related to the objectives of the project, deliverables, tasks, responsibilities and emphasizing the main updates as to timetable and immediate tasks to take place. She gave a brief introduction concerning the documents needed to be fill out and stored.

3. Organizational aspects.

a) The discussion and presentations of the meeting then moved towards the organizational aspects of the project and the Erasmus+ Programme. The coordinator made an overview of the partner agreements to assure each of the partners fully understand the terms and conditions set out.

b) When discussing the strategic documents, all partners agreed to take a look at the dissemination plan and the risk management plan which are already present in their draft version on project Google drive space and give their feedback on the documents. Mr. Igor Vitale took responsibility for developing a quality assurance plan for the project and upload it also on Google Drive, so all members can discuss, change if necessary and finally agree on it.

c) The discussion about the translation of all intellectual materials led to the decision that all partners should develop the Module selected in their own language and then translate it in English. When all materials are combined the rest of the translation will be done and cross check will be possible between languages to verify if all materials are the same in all languages. For this purpose a change in the Activities Timetable of the project was made /Annex A/ from the contracts and partners agreed to send their signed annexes via post.

d) After the coffee break we discussed that CISES are responsible for communication and dissemination activities, so when Assess have the website of the project ready, Mr. Igor Vitale will receive access to it so he can upload news and updates about the project.

e) Another thing we cleared out was the project logo – after voting via email, a logo was chosen and everyone agreed on it. It will be used from now on all documents, products etc. resulted from our project.

f) Following, we decided each partner will fill out a form which is on Google Drive about the partners contacts, all participants roles in the project.

g) After lunch, the coordinator summarized the topics discussed in the morning and decisions reached. Then all partners continued to discuss the partner agreements and their obligations, tasks, the timetable, deadlines for reporting and sending the timesheets to the coordinator. Also the budget was agreed in detail and the significant aspects of the project that relate to the management, coordination and smooth implementation of all activities and keeping of necessary files and documents were covered. All partners presented their signed contracts except BEST (Austria) due to concerns and comments by their side which they did not share before meeting despite the fact they have approx. 1 month for review and feedback. The participant from BEST, Mrs. Karin Kronika informed the coordinator of the project that they will inform us till the end of the week of their final decision re participation in the project and the changes they would like to be done. ZIVAC team needs to send their original Financial Identification /all other partners have sent theirs/. Mr. Annibale Basta needs to send us a copy of his contract with CISES.

h) Then we talked about the members of the steering group and the working group members and it was decided that all project coordinators from partner organizations will form the project’s steering group and the working groups will be formed by the responsible experts to work on the intellectual outputs and piloting.

i) On the second day, we started with Mrs. Vladimirova, who presented the agenda for the day and started the presentation of the Preliminary research that all partners had conducted prior to the meeting which was connected to the development of learning outcomes for the online training. Each partner made a presentation and the information collected confirmed that there was an urgent need for training in detecting risky and deceptive behavior, since no national program in the research done includes those topics in their mandatory training for security personnel.

j) Then, after the coffee break communication was focused on the main topics of the online training – Mrs. Diana Dobreva shared ideas about the main modules and distributing the modules to all three partners /ZIVAC, ASSESS & CISES/ who are responsible for the development of the intellectual output 1. It was decided that the online training should have four modules, containing units, lessons, assignments and tests after each module. Also, the functionality of the online platform was discussed and each partner should help in finding the best technical solution which will provide all necessary functionalities and will be in all 5 languages. A document will be uploaded on the Google Drive by ASSESS with the main modules and topics for them and for the units so all partners could discuss and add to it. Also, a file where all partners could share information about LMS and Mr. Igor Vitale share his account for a video website.

k) ZIVAC made a Power point presentation for their organisation’s activity and presented some training courses ideas which shows their point of view for training course and lead to discussions with other partners. 

l) After lunch we spoke about the Focus groups we have to execute between M2-M4. ASSESS will develop methodology for the Focus group 1 and upload it on Google Drive, so all partners will use the same one. Then, after summarizing the results from Focus group 1, a second focus group will be conducted in order to check the results shown by Focus Group 1, and on the basis of this, and after quality control, the learning outcomes framework will be developed.

4. Other aspects.

a) All participants received a signed declaration of participation and put their signature on the participants list.

b) All participants filled out Questionnaire 1.

5. To-do list.

To-do list action /WHAT/

Responsible /WHO/

Deadline /WHEN/


 Send timesheets for December and January /M1 & M2/  All  10 February 2017  The template is on Google Drive
 To fill out contacts file with all project team members  All  ASAP  Google Drive
 To develop methodology for Focus group 1  ASSESS LTD  End of January 2017  To be found on Google Drive
 To conduct Focus Group 1  All  End of February 2017  
 To conduct Focus Group 1  All  End of February 2017  
 To develop Learning Outcomes Framework  VIP SECURITY  End of March 2017  
 To develop Quality Plan  CISES  ASAP  
 To agree of Dissemination Plan and Risk management Plan  All  ASAP  
 To send all project members contracts with their organisation  CISES, BEST  ASAP  Annibale Bastam, BEST employees
 To send the original of Financial Identification  ZIVAC  ASAP  
 To add ideas and topics to Modules and Units  All  ASAP  The document is on Google Drive
 To inform the coordinator about participation in the project  BEST  ASAP  

6. Next meetings

Via Skype any time a partner needs to discuss a problem or an idea.
Next partners meeting is planned to take place in Wien (Austria) between December 2017 and January 2018.

7. Evaluation of the meeting

The objective of the evaluation was to provide feedback to the facilitators about the different aspects of the meeting and to improve future events.

The evaluation started with a non- formal evaluation: the participants and the coordinator had the opportunity for a last conversation about the meeting at lunchtime. They have talked about their feelings and impressions, as well as the topics discussed during this meeting.
The formal evaluation of the meeting was done with the help of a written evaluation form – Questionnaire 1. The participants were given evaluation form and asked to fill it in before departing.
The results of the written evaluation of the meeting were the following:

Q1: Is the participation of your organization in international projects useful?
Answers: 100% replied YES, 0% replied NO

Q2: Would you participate in another international project?
Answers: 60% replied YES, 30% replied Depending on the topic,10% replied NO

Q3: Are you satisfied of the organization of meetings?
Answers: 95% replied YES, 5% replied I am partly satisfied

Q4: Are you satisfied of the organization and carrying out the communication between partners?
Answers: 95% replied YES, 5% replied I am partly satisfied

Q5: Is the information provided by Assess as a leading organization on the project enough?
Answers: 100% replied YES, 0% replied

Q6: Are you satisfied with mutual activities with partnering countries?
Answers: 100% replied YES, 0% replied NO