The workshop took place in Bucharest, Romania (October 5, 2018). It was a one-day event. The host organization of the event, Zivac Grouo Central (RO), with the support of the dissemination and exploitation group, carried out the following preparatory activities: an invitation letter template was prepared that included the main idea of the workshop, the agenda and the main presenters, accommodation proposals and other practical issues.

The location of the Workshop was selected. To ensure the target number of 40 national participants, partners selected from the target groups, direct and indirect beneficiaries, a total of 75 people who were invited to participate in the Workshop. Following the invitations launched for the event, in which the project and its results were presented, interest has led to the participation of 50 persons to the event, surpassing the proposal of 40 people from the financing application. Media partners were also invited. Certificates of participation have been prepared, as well.