More than fifty people took part in a one-day event to present results on the project "Security personnel online training for detecting risky and deceptive behaviour /EU PROTECT/", which took place on November 9 in Sofia. The project is funded with the support of the European Commission under Erasmus + program.

At the beginning of the day the focus was set on the effectiveness of the Vocational training. Following that, the guests were presented with both the project history and the online training. ASSES Ltd.’s experts presented in detail the functionality of the training platform, the structure and content of the lessons.

In the second part of the event, the new project for National Educational Standard for the profession was discussed and at the end of the day the participants had the opportunity to share their opinion on current business challenges and opportunities to overcome them.

According to the participants' feedback all of them were really satisfied with the event venue and agenda. They consider that the topics included in the event and the training as really useful for the security guards (48%) and for their work, as well (really useful 35.5% and useful 64.5%). Most of the participants stated that they will definitely try to pass the training and then will share it with their colleagues and employees. 

You can find the agenda and the presentations used to describe the project, platform functions and content in Bulgarian here:

1. Онлайн Обучение за Охранители за Детекция на Рисково и Измамно Поведение

2. Обучителна платформа: Функционалност и съдържание

3. Програма