The threats to EU citizens´ physical security in the light of terrorist acts in many European metropolises within the last years raise critical questions as the preparedness of the security systems to respond in an effective manner. Also in Austria, the development of preventive measures to detect risky and deceptive behaviour became a major issue, especially on places where crowds are built, like at concerts, sport events, Christmas markets, in subways or at major (touristic) hotspots (e.g. the “Stephansplatz” in Vienna).

Thus, well-educated security personnel, private as well as public, is an essential aspect to be supported. The Erasmus+ project EU-Protect precisely targets this issue and provides online training of unemployed youth and other citizens to take on private security guard’s jobs. A project-related Austrian workshop was conducted in Vienna, Austria. In this workshop, the project results that were developed by BEST in cooperation with its partners from Bulgaria, Romania and Italy were to be presented. The participants showed lively interest.

In four modules, texts and videos explain contents related to / clustered into the following topics:

 Risky Behavior

 Deceptive Behavior

 Behavioral Profiling

 Stress Management

Further readings and quizzes complement the online training.

In discussions, BEST focused on topics which are related to its “daily business” as VET provider, offering continuous training, vocational qualification and career services mainly to disadvantaged and unemployed people. As many of them are with migration background, trainers and guidance counsellors at BEST are also confronted on how to deal with and engage refugees and Islamic communities every day. The topics of the panel discussions were:

 Private security industry opportunities for unemployed. How to better train them for the job?

 Living in peace and security. How to engage with refugees and Islamic communities?

The event referred to finding ways to see an industry agreement in Austria on common learning outcomes’ framework for C-VET of private security guards. Experts from the security sector, stakeholders, migrant representatives and similar emphasised the importance of having well-trained security guards, but first of all, to foster living together with different cultures. It is moreover important to support the “merging” of community networks and helping migrants/ refugees to integrate into their “new home”.

You can find event agenda here