EU-PROTECT project, co-funded by the European Commission by Erasmus + programme,  aims to develop an innovative online training in 5 languages (EN, BG, RO, IT and AT) for private security guards so as to ensure high level of public security across Europe by equipping private security guards with the knowledge, skills and motivation for preventing occurrence of harmful situations.
Following the focus groups with security guards so as to be as much beneficial as we can, we defined the following topics as most important, organized in foul training modules:

1.    RISKY BEHAVIOR -  In this first module you will learn some concepts about risky and simulated behavior. These concepts will help you better understand the difference between safety, risk and, in particular, understand what simulated and dangerous behavior means. You will also learn what kind of reactions people have in the face of danger, how to recognize a liar, risky behavior and some definitions of terrorism as it is one of the main problems that mankind recently has.

2.    DECEPTIVE BEHAVIOR - In Module 2 we will introduce you to the historical and methodological development of fraudulent behavior detection and give you a brief overview of the technical means of screening for risk indicators, why it is important to be well prepared not only technically, but also psychologically. We will introduce you to various aspects of psychological profiling, behavioral analysis method and their applications in practice.

3.    BEHAVIORAL PROFILING – The best managed crisis is the one prevented, so, in the third module we put the light on the theory and practice of detecting deceptive behavior, neurophysiological basis of human behavior, monitoring and analysis of non-verbal signals, "reading" the non-verbal language, avoiding traps in non-verbal interpretation and building a check card to structure this new knowledge.

4.    STRESS MANAGEMENT – In the last module you’ll go deeper in stress management definition, impact and reactions as stress comes inevitably with every risky situation especially when it comes to security guards work. That’s why in this fourth module we’ll lead you though some techniques that will help you reduce your level of stress and give you some new skills to recognize how you digest and react to stress stimuli and how you can manage your levels of stress.

Each module consists of four or five lessons and a quiz, so that you can have feedback of the things you’ve learned and the aspects you need to focus more. If you gain more than 80% correct answers you’ll have a certificate so that you can certify passing the training.
From all the project team – Assess Ltd., BEST Institut für berufsbezogene Weiterbildung und Personaltraining GmbH, CISES s.r.l., VIP SECURITY and ZIVAC GROUP CENTRAL wish you an interesting time and successful acquiring of new knowledge and skills.