Project Activities

Project processes are grouped in 5 activities (A1-A5), as follows:

1. А1 - Management:

Leading partner: ASSESS BG – experienced in managing national and international collaborations in the field of training of private security staff in face-to-face or online setting.

Main activities: development of project management related documents and templates (dissemination and exploitation plan, risk management strategy, operational and quality plans, progress reports, interim and final reports), coordinating recruitment of external evaluator and production of external evaluation reports; continuous communication and collaboration processes across the partnership; monitoring and evaluation (quality assurance); risk management; collecting partner progress reports and producing synthesis; interim and final reports production; communication with NA; organization of 3 transnational project meetings (logistics, agenda, facilitation, minutes, etc.)

Duration: 24 months

2. A2 - Development (Online training for private security guards)

Leading partner: ASSESS (BG) – experienced in training design and online delivery.

Main activities: 1. Learning outcomes framework, 3 months (further research on national and European level and focus groups to validate the framework developed); 2. Training contents and methods, 8 months (on the basis of framework identified the topics and number of training modules defined and elaborated; relevant methods will be described); 3. Online learning platform design, implementation and technical testing, 8 months. 4. Validation of prototype, 1 month (focus groups to validate the first version of online training before launching it for pilot sessions).

Duration: 12 months

3. A3 – Piloting

Leading partner: ZIVAC (RO) – experienced in conducting and facilitating trainings in the field.

Main activities: 1. Inviting, selecting and instructing 24 private guards to participate in the pilot sessions of the online training, 1 month. 2. Conducting pilot session, 1 month. 3. Analysis of feedback, fine-tuning of online training, if needed, 1 month.

Duration: 3 months

4. A4 – Translations of intellectual outputs (online training and policy guidelines)

Leading partner: VET Centre of VIP SECURITY (BG) – the preliminary research on the potential costs for translating all intellectual outputs has showed that the market of these services in Bulgaria offers the most competitive prices in comparison to other partner countries and taking into consideration the languages to be used in translation.

Main activities: 1. Requesting offers from translation companies, review of offers, selection decision and submitting texts of the 2 intellectual outputs for translation. 2. Monitor the work of translation agency to ensure compliance with the deadlines. 3. Review work done, ensure final proof reading of texts in Bulgarian and ensure other partners review their language versions as well. 4. Integrate translated texts on the online learning platform content management system. 5. Announce/publish new language versions online.

Duration: 3 months

5. A5 – Dissemination and exploitation

Leading partner: CISES (IT) – a distinguished organization in private security industry and the field of human resources development in general.

Main activities: 1. Visual identity of overall communication activities development; 2. Online presence – website development and updating; social media profiles; info items production; 3. Presentations – coordinating project related presentations at various thematic events during the project lifetime; 4. Multipliers events design, organization and conducting; 5. Policy guidelines (O2) design, development and dissemination; 6. Sustainability roadmap design, development and submitting for approval during the final partner meeting.

Duration: 24 months Policy guidelines; Multipliers events